The 5 Types Of Best Friends

Best Friends

In elementary school claiming more than one person as your best friend was pure blasphemy. And if some other pigtail wearing bitch tried to call your best friend her best friend, then shit was about to go down on the foursquare court. But these days college students can comfortably claim a handful of girls as their best friends. Sometimes it’s a group of friends that all refer to each other as each others best friends. Or sometimes you’re a social butterfly and have best friends in all sorts of friend groups, houses and even schools. Either way, you definitely have these five types of best friends.

The Party BFF

This is pretty self-explanatory. This is the chick you call up when you’re trying to blackout. You don’t really see her around much besides when you two are partying it up at a frat party or a bar. You’re half convinced she actually lives at the bar. Even though you know little to nothing about her actual life, you’d still call her a best friend just because of the intense amount of drunk girl bonding you do. Your Insta is full of party candids with her and you may or may not have drunkenly kissed a few times. You would love to get to know her some more and upgrade her to a new BFF status, but you’re kind of afraid to.

The Venting BFF

This is a much needed BFF and if you are somehow living without one then please for the love of God find one immediately because you’re probably about to explode. You both constantly bitch to each other about everything. It is important to have this BFF to help maintain your relationships with all the other BFFs because she is the one you vent to about that annoying thing Party BFF did the other night. Besides the shallow complaints you share about mutual friends, this is also the girl that’s given you ice cream and a place to sleep after you caught your boyfriend cheating on you. She’s your go-to person when you need support. You also feel a lot of connection to this girl based on the amount of times you look at each other and roll your eyes about what that dumb bitch at chapter just said.

The Event BFF

Yet another absolute necessity. Date party? Concert? Festival? The Event BFF is your girl. This is the person that’s by your side for almost every public event no matter how big or small. Don’t underestimate her importance. Sure, you might think that your Party BFF might be a good substitute, but when she passes out on the lawn before the concert even begins, you’ll be wishing you just left her at home. The Event BFF is fun, spontaneous, and has been known to get you backstage a time or two. You have a special bond with the Event BFF because she’s been a part of so many amazing college memories. You might not talk about anything of substance, but you know to call this girl whenever you want to have a good time.

The Childhood BFF

The most precious friendship of all. You grew up with this one. You’ve gone from sandbox dwellers in pre-K to brace faces in junior high to whatever it is you would call the mess that you are now. Often times you grow apart from this friend, but you always reconnect in six months or a year and the bond never fades. How could you ever lose a person that was there when you had your first period? Or the first person you told when you lost your virginity? That shit super glues you for life. Most likely you don’t go to the same school as The Childhood BFF anymore, but when you’re both in town for break you can find your asses parked in the sandbox (probably metaphorically) catching up.

The Ride or Die

The Ride or Die is your very own personal Beyoncé song. She’s fierce, she makes you feel empowered — she’s basically your jam. The Ride or Die is every kind of BFF all mashed up into one with a little something extra sprinkled in. This is your Person. Your best friend for life, no matter what happens. She just gets you. She’ll make you pee your pants from laughing one minute and then have a serious conversation with you the next. She’ll tell you the truth that no one else will, and even though you might be mad at first, you know that absolutely nothing can destroy your friendship. She’s the girl who crawls into bed with you when you have a new guy over because if you’re going to continue seeing this guy, he has to know that this might become a daily occurrence. You’re just that close.

Go best friend, that’s my best friend.

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