The 4 Types of Middle Tier Sororities

The Best of The Rest

There’s the best sororities on campus…and then there’s them: The best of the rest. Or maybe they’re the worst of the best if you’re a glass-half-full kinda gal. All of the best fraternities mix with them, but never for week-long events. The best PNMs are adequately pleased to go to their preference round, but they’re never the top choice. They’re like that girl in your HS English class who was really awesome one-on-one, but you really wouldn’t bring her around your friends. They get hate from the better houses for “trying to be something they’re not” and they get hate from the worse houses because everyone hates when they’re looking up. It really is the most awkward place to be in the Greek world. Keep on keepin’ on girls. Maybe you’ll get lucky and some top-tier will get kicked off campus and you’ll finally move up in the world.

The Drunks

It’s difficult to put into words the disasterpiece that is this sorority. They really just do not give a fuck. They’re cool girls, and pretty for the most part, but they still seem to be the antithesis of all things srat. While other sororities boast high GPAs, and perfect attendance at mandatory speakers and philanthropy events, these boozehounds struggle to keep panhel off their backs. It’s unfair to say “they’re only fun when they’re drunk” because no one’s ever seen them any other way. They pregame EVERYTHING…mixers, philanthropies, bid day, ritual, class…probably even recruitment. They’re the first girls at happy hour and the last to leave. They’re almost more of a fraternity than they are a sorority. They hook up like guys, they put in zero effort like guys, and like guys, they’re too drunk most of the time to care what anyone thinks…Shame.

The Hippies

You know how I know you’re in this sorority? You’re wearing leggings, an American Apparel v-neck, at least one piece of vintage jewelry, Toms, aviators, and a braided headband across your chestnut- or honey-colored, slightly wavy hair just like the rest of your sisters. These girls pride themselves on being “chill” and have far too many PR items containing peace signs and Bob Marley references. They’re different from real hippies in that they know the value of their designer brands and Daddy’s credit card but they’d still rather bake on the couch than in the kitchen.

The Under-the-Radar House

There’s really nothing good or bad to say about these girls. They have no rival, they don’t frequent any one fraternity more than another, and they really tend to stay out of the limelight. They’ve never been involved in any scandal. They don’t have a specific “look” to them…they’re not gorgeous, but they’re not heinous either. So what are they known for? Absolutely nothing. The only time you hear their sorority’s name is in response to the question: “Wait, who am I forgetting?”

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