The 4 Types of Bottom Tier Sororities

We’ve explored all the types of sororities that come to mind when you hear the word “sorority girl,” the smokeshows, the party girls, those struggling to change or maintain their reputation, but any Greek knows there’s another part of Sorority Life that’s hardly advertised…The Bottom Tier.

The New Girls

They weren’t able to go through formal recruitment, because…well, there were no sisters. Girls from chapters nearby came in an attempt to recruit PNMs who either got dropped by all the good sororities or missed the boat on recruitment and didn’t realize being a “founding sister” was not going to be as cool as it sounded. Because sororities are different everywhere the chapters from each school are looking for different things in PNMs but mostly, they’re all just scrambling for members. The result is an enigma. It’s really hard to effectively judge girls without a reputation, so the Greek Community takes it upon itself to decide that no reputation is better than a bad one, but worse than a good one, allowing the new girls to secure themselves a spot at the top of the bottom tier.

The Nice Uglies

If I weren’t a superficial bitch, I’d definitely be friends with these girls. They’re so sweet and all of your interactions with them have been pleasant. When you complain about how ___ and ___ are courting you for homecoming but you’re super disappointed that ___ isn’t she responds with, “Oh, well no one’s courting us. We’ll probably have to wait until second asking again, but those are both great fraternities! Plus you’ll be with your sisters, so I’m sure you’ll have fun either way.” Way to break my heart. She’s so lovely, and so are all of her sisters. Why didn’t we bid this girl? Oh, right…her face.

The Mean Uglies

Unlike the nice ugly house, you don’t even feel a little bit bad talking shit on these girls. They’re horrid, and what’s worse…they’re mean. I don’t know if they’re just bitter about being in a house filled with Shamus and Shreks, if they just need a pretty girl to take their hunger out on, or if they’re just evil to their core, but when some bottom-tier bitch manages to keep a cheeseburger out of her mouth for long enough to tell you “I didn’t have to talk to you to know you were stupid, I read the letters on your bag,” the gloves come off. I didn’t have to read the letters on your bag to know you were a fatty…I looked at you. You were going to pretend to be nice to Snuffleupagus before that, but she can just forget it now. You can only be bitchy OR ugly, honey, not both. Get a clue.

The Service Sorority

Oh, the fine line between service sorority and GDI. Somehow, chapters based on engineering, agriculture, or a high GPA don’t seem to cut it in your book. It’s weird when they decide to participate in Greek events and you really don’t get why they make (what they believe to be) cute lettered shirts. They’re making the entire Greek community look bad parading around in those in front of unsuspecting PNMs. The very worst thing, though, is when they talk about their bigs. You can pretend your house is a real sorority all you want but don’t mess with the sacred Big/Little relationship. You went on a few interviews, I was hunted. You had some weird piece of metal she gave you to carve into an engineer symbol, my whole life changed at revelation. You have a friend, I have a big. The only thing we share with the service sorority is our knowledge of the Greek alphabet.

Even though being a member of any of these houses seems like it comes with just as much bad as it does good, I guess I understand why they did it. The bottom line is, no matter what shit they have to endure, they still have sisterhood, and it’s still better than being a GDI.

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