The 4 Stages of Door Chanting


Ah door chanting, the tradition started by spirited southern belles is now a tradition done pretty much everywhere. Videos of doorchanting can be found, but trying to explain it to non-Panhellenic women makes you sound crazy. However, as the years go on, your relationship with this sorority tradition changes and grows.

Stage 1: Freshman Year

If you’re new to Greek life, the first time a giant house of 100 + sorority girls opening their doors to scream at you about how you “Gotta Go Chi-O” is absolutely terrifying. The girls seem to fill the entire doorframe, and depending on the school, crazy head shaking might also be involved. However, as the week goes on you get use to the chanting and even get chants like “Boom-Boom” and “Hoorah for Kappa” stuck in your head. Then on bid day, as you run into the arms of your new sisters screaming with joy, you realize next year you’ll be one of those chanting girls.

Stage 2: Sophomore Year

With bruised knees and a hoarse voice, sophomore year you put your all into the door chants. You scream the loudest and are constantly trying to be louder than the sorority next door. You paint on the biggest smile you can muster, and by the end of the first day, your cheeks hurt so bad you feel like you had botox. By the end of the week, you can barely muster a scream.

Stage 3: Junior Year

By junior year you hate your door chant. You hate everything about the clapping, the smiling, and the screaming. You wake up and chant, fall asleep with the chant in your head, and no matter how loud you blast your music, the chant won’t leave your head. By the time bid day comes around you’re ready to drink until you can forget your chant entirely.

Stage 4: Senior Year

You could sing your door chant in your sleep, and you feel nostalgic about of the first time freshman year you ever heard your house’s door chant. Realizing it’s the last time you’ll ever stack in a doorframe for fun, chanting starts to make you teary eyed. During rush you now chant full volume in the door not to prove to anyone about how you have to “Go Gamma Phi,” but because you’re so incredibly happy you did.

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