The 27 Best Things About Being A Girl


There are a few things about being a girl that really, honestly, completely suck. Like the whole bleeding once a month thing. Or the part where you’re expected to push a human out of you. Or the patriarchy. But forget those things. Focus on the positive. There are a few really amazing things that make being a girl totally worth the period cramps:

  1. The feeling that you get when you’re able to glide straight through a door with a simple ‘thank you’ to the gentleman who is nice enough to hold it open for you.
  2. Having to spend approximately $231,459,014 less than your male friends on alcohol because free drinks are a staple in any given night out.
  3. The satisfying clack on marble/tile/wood that makes you feel like a real HBIC when you decide to break out a pair of heels.
  4. The façade of having your life together that comes whenever you get a fresh manicure or pedicure.
  5. Carrying a purse with whatever you want to put inside it (fruit roll-ups, airplane shots, coloring books- what you choose to fill your magic black hole with will remain a mystery).
  6. Or pawning off your wallet, phone, and lipstick onto your boyfriend to stick in his pockets when you don’t feel like carrying anything at all.
  7. Random compliments by strangers on the street who, like, TOTALLY love those jeans.
  8. Giving random compliments to strangers on the street when you see an item of clothing that is to die for.
  9. Being able to use as many scented toiletries as you want without judgement, because girls are supposed to smell good.
  10. The perpetual light dusting of glitter that always coats the floor of your living areas.
  11. Being able to blast Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, and anyone else who you kind of hate but secretly love, without judgement.
  12. Requesting songs when you’re out and actually getting to hear them played- because who says no to a cute girl.
  13. Never having a party be off-limits to you because frats, bars, and clubs alike all want females inside.
  14. All the drunk girl friendships that you remember fondly whenever scrolling through your contacts. Hope you’re doing well, Chelsea!
  15. The solidarity you feel with other girls when you’re the minorities in a room.
  16. Feel-good chick flicks filled with good old fashioned girl power.
  17. Guy-bashing sessions with basically any other woman on planet earth.
  18. Using baking/crafting/wine/gossip as completely acceptable stress-relievers.
  19. Fuzzy socks.
  20. Fleece leggings.
  21. Any sort of leggings, actually.
  22. Being able to wear sexy lingerie under your winter sweaters like a fun little secret.
  23. Never having to deal with accidental popped boners in inconvenient situations.
  24. Stealing boy sweatshirts and tee’s as cozy alternatives to both pants and pajamas.
  25. Using a little dry shampoo, mascara, blush, and lip gloss to trick others and yourself into thinking that you’re on top of everything, even when your life is in the shambliest of shambles.
  26. Being able to use PMSing as an excuse to act like a bitch whenever you want. It’s not like anyone is gonna actually check.
  27. Boobs. Definitely boobs.

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A native Seattleite and self-proclaimed Snapchat queen, she's been a coffee addict since she found out what a coffee bean was. Believer in and promoter of the #freeguac and #freegucci movements. She is obsessed with all things Harry Potter and has been known to stop people at parties to tell them how to remove the wine from their clothes. In her spare time, she enjoys baking, writing for TSM, and pretending like she has her act together. Hit her up @

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