The 20 Struggles Of Being Young In Your Class

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  1. You have to go through the pain of finding a fake ID that will last you until your senior year.
  2. Your fake is normally the first one questioned by the bouncers.
  3. Even worse, you get double-carded at one bar.
  4. You’ve heard the phrase, “You’re so young!” too many times to count. You always take it as a constant reminder that you still have forever until you’re 21.
  5. All your friends say you look like a 16-year-old.
  6. Sadly, you’ve actually been carded at an R-rated movie.
  7. When salespeople ask what school you go to, they’re actually shocked that you’re in college.
  8. You’re one of the last ones in your pledge class to turn 21. Therefore, you’re holding down the whole team when the time comes around for the senior pub crawl.
  9. You’re always the DD for your friends’ 21st birthdays because they know you can’t go out with them, so you might as well be the one to drive them home when they can’t even stand at the end of the night.
  10. You’re stuck going to frat parties until the end of time because you’re #ForeverYoung.
  11. When you do go to frat parties, you don’t even want to get with any of the boys there because they’re all pledges or they’re all boys who just finished pledging.
  12. There was that one incident where you showed up blacked out to a frat party and you ended up making out with a rushee.
  13. Afterward, you tried to rationalize it with, “But it’s totally fine because I’m young for my age!” #NoRagrets
  14. If you attempt to wear a bow in your hair, it makes you look like a teenage girl who’s ready to go to a One Direction concert.
  15. You’ve used the phrase, “I’m too young for this!”
  16. You’ve used the phrase, “I want a guy who is older than me.”
  17. Everyone assumes you skipped a grade and that’s why you’re so young.
  18. You’ve been denied a job because you were too young.
  19. Baby faces are a turnoff for you. Even though you guys can relate to each other, you don’t want your children to go through the same pain that you’re going through.
  20. Even though you like to bitch constantly about being young, you still like the fact that youth is always on your side.

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