The 16 Most Basic Words In The English Language


This generation has made an abomination of the English language. Our measly vocabulary has limited our conversations to a combination of the same 45 words. Let’s start using our college education and start using less of these words:

  1. Literally
    Merriam-Webster definition: in a manner that is completely true and accurate, not exaggerated.
    Modern example: “I literally ate 4 whole pizza in literally two seconds.”
  2. Obnoxious
    Merriam-Webster definition: odiously or disgustingly objectionable.
    Modern example: “He left class fifteen minutes early. How obnoxious.”
  3. Hysterical
    Merriam-Webster definition: a state in which your emotions, such as fear, are so strong that you behave in an uncontrolled way.
    Modern example: “Did you see that video of the dog wearing boots? It was hysterical.”
  4. Obviously
    Merriam-Webster definition: in a way that is easy to see, understand, or recognize.
    Modern example: “He didn’t text me back because he is obviously so excited that I texted him that he is busy telling his friends how into me he is.”
  5. Die
    Merriam-Webster definition: to pass from physical life.
    Modern example: “It was so cute I’m going to die.” “I’m so bored I’m going to die.” “That is so funny I’m going to die.”
  6. Insane
    Merriam-Webster definition: mentally disordered.
    Modern example: “Yoooooo that party was insane, bro. We finished a whole keg.”
  7. Perfect
    Merriam-Webster definition: being entirely without fault or defect; corresponding to an ideal standard or abstract concept.
    Modern example: “That t-shirt that says ‘avocado toast’ on it is so perfect.”
  8. “Kill Myself”
    Merriam-Webster definition: the act or an instance of taking one’s own life voluntarily and intentionally, especially by a person of years of discretion and of sound mind.
    Modern example: “My class was an extra ten minutes, I wanted to kill myself.”
  9. Annihilated
    Merriam-Webster definition: to be vanquished completely.
    Example: “I had four margs at happy hour and was annihilated.”
  10. Obsessed
    Merriam-Webster definition: to haunt or excessively preoccupy the mind of.
    Modern example: “I am obsessed with lipstick.”
  11. Casual
    Merriam-Webster definition: occurring without regularity; nonchalant.
    Modern Example:@VeronicaRuckh just followed me on Twitter. It’s casual.”
  12. Annoying
    Merriam-Webster definition: causing vexation
    Modern example: “I can’t find a pair of booties that are dressy but don’t have too high of a heel. It’s so annoying.”
  13. Forever
    Merriam-Webster definition: for a limitless time.
    Modern example: “This wifi is taking forever to load.”
  14. Crazy
    Merriam-Webster definition: not based on truth or logic : not showing good judgment.
    Modern example: “He double-texted me after I didn’t answer him the first time. He’s crazy.”
  15. Awesome
    Merriam-Webster definition: causing feelings of fear and wonder; causing feelings of awe.
    Modern example: “Your new phone case is so awesome.”
  16. Honestly
    Merriam-Webster definition: without cheating or lying.
    Modern example: “Honestly, PSLs aren’t that good.”

We’re better than this.

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