The 10 Skinniest Cocktails In The Game

Skinny drinks

Everyone looks forward to winter break because, unless you’re that weirdo who spends her Christmas in Hawaii, winter break entails piling on the sweaters, entering low key hibernation, and “growing” your own winter coat. This “coat” is usually found in your midsection or (if you’re a lucky bitch) on your ass, and usually consists of Peppermint Mocha Fraps and Mom’s Christmas cookies. The holidays are great because you get to shamelessly load up on calories and everyone knows Christmas calories don’t even count.

But with spring break rapidly approaching, it’s time to start getting bikini body ready. If you’re someone like me who dreads working out more than you dread meetings with standards, then you too will look for every creative way to cut calories without skimping out on happy hour. That being said, here’s a list of the best drinks you can order with the fewest calories. To sum it up: All the flavor, fewer calories, same badass buzz.

1. Light Mojito

(Light-rum, soda water, lime, mint, sugar free syrup)
Mint, lime, and soda water are already low in calories. To make this refreshing drink bikini-body friendly, just ask your bartender to make it with either sugar-free syrup or half the usual amount of syrup. If you’re adventurous you can also sub out the syrup all together for an all natural sweetener like honey or agave.
130 Calories

2. Sour Apple Martini

(Sour mix, vodka, sour apple liqueur)
In the mood to sip a martini Gossip Girl style? Forget the classic cosmo and opt for this low cal treat. Racking only about 160 calories, this sweet and sour sipper will get your buzz going without going straight to your belly.
160 Calories

3. Tequila Soda

(Soda water, tequila, lime)
Margaritas are a classic happy hour drink, but frozen margs can have as many as 500 calories each. A tequila soda will have the same refreshing taste as a marg with just as much of a tequila kick. For a spicy twist have your bartender throw fresh jalapeño slices into the shaker. In addition to adding a spicy twist, spicy foods can increase your metabolism too. Win-win.
70 Calories

4. Bloody Mary

(Vodka, tomato juice, Tabasco sauce, lemon, Worcestershire sauce)
Tomatoes are technically fruits, so drinking a Bloody Mary is pretty much like being on a juice cleanse right? No matter what your logic is behind it, this drink comes in at under 200 calories. Brunch never tasted so skinny.
180 Calories

5. Sea Breeze

(Vodka, cranberry juice, grapefruit juice)
Every basic bitch loves a good vodka cranberry, but unfortunately cranberry juice is notoriously high in sugar. Cut the calories on a classic favorite by cutting the amount of cranberry juice in half and filling the rest with unsweetened grapefruit juice.
180 Calories

6. Vodka Sprite

(Vodka and Sprite Zero)
Super basic, super low-cal. The only calories in this drink are found in the vodka, so drink away.
100 Calories

7. Gin and Tonic

(Gin and soda water with a splash of tonic)
Sound sophisticated while still skipping the over-the-top sweet. Tip: Soda water is just carbonated water so it doesn’t have any calories.
100 Calories

8. Rum and Diet Coke

(Rum and Diet Coke. Duh.)
Light rum is one of the lowest calorie liquors!
70 Calories

9. Twisted Dirty Martini

(Hot pepper infused vodka with an olive)
Nothing screams “classy but secretly dirty” like a dirty martini. Drink “clean” with the dirty vibe by putting a spicy twist on the classic.
105 Calories

10. Champagne

Forget ladies wine night. A typical glass of wine can roll in at over 100 calories (and that’s just one glass — not the whole bottle). In addition to adding a party vibe to any gathering, a standard glass of champagne only averages at 85 calories, so start poppin the bubbly.
85 Calories

Getting skinny never felt so drunk. Or something like that.

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