The 10 Commandments Of Sorority Social Success


Contrary to popular belief, a sorority’s tier isn’t always determined by how hot the girls in the chapter are. Although it doesn’t hurt to be a house of hotties, sorority social success and campus reputation are about so much more than looks and Daddy’s money. That being said, here are the ten Commandments to maximize your sorority’s social success.

1. Thou shall not be trashy.
Everyone loves a party girl (well, everyone but standards board), but no one likes a hot mess. If you are so drunk that you’re puking on yourself and your friends constantly need to “mommy” you, you are no longer cute and fun — you’re just trashy. What you do at parties not only affects your own reputation but your sorority’s reputation as a whole. By all means, go out to the clubs, dance on the bars, and flirt with hot boys but please avoid performing fellatio in the bathroom at formal and peeing yourself in public at all costs.

2. Thou shall go to other sororities and fraternities philanthropy events.
Simply buying a ticket to another chapter’s event is still awesome from a philanthropy standpoint, but it doesn’t do a whole lot for your chapter from a social perspective. Instead of going to an event just to get the ‘Panhellenic Point’ for your chapter, go with the intention of meeting people and making friends. More friends mean more connections, which means a greater friendship network and who doesn’t like having more people to party with?!

3. Thou shall always be friendly to sisters on campus.
I don’t care if she’s your best friend, worst enemy, or a new member who you’ve never seen before in your entire fucking life. If you pass a girl on campus wearing the same letters as you SMILE AND WAVE. Waving even if you don’t know each other personally is NOT awkward. What’s actually awkward is watching two sisters avoid each other and then having the afterthought that that sorority is clearly antisocial as fuck. You’re sisters, god dammit. Fucking act like it. Being friendly to everyone in your sorority on campus not only makes you look nice but gives your sorority a friendly reputation to any outsiders who see you in passing.

4. Thou shall have friends in other sororities.
Everyone loves their sorority sisters. No shit. You pretty much solemnly swear in blood during initiation to love each other, so not being friends with your sisters really isn’t an option. This being said, your sorority is a social organization, not a fucking cult. Be outgoing! Anyone can go back to their hometown and brag on their own sorority, but it means so much more when a girl from another sorority goes home to her friends and says good things about you and YOUR chapter!

5. Thou shall not look like a slob on the daily.
I love oversized t-shirts and Nike shorts. You are a fucking liar if you say you don’t. It’s convenient, it’s comfy, and on hot days, it doesn’t show sweat. Hallelujah. That being said, the ‘sorority uniform’ is unflattering as fuck and makes you look slightly homeless. I know class is early and no one wants to break out the curling iron after pulling an all-nighter for an exam, but on the days you have an extra ten minutes, take the time to run a brush through your hair, put on a swipe of mascara, and pull on jeans and booties instead of athletic shorts and Nikes. Putting in a little extra effort really doesn’t take that much time but speaking from personal experience, it makes a huge difference in the way people view you.

6. Thou shall remember to thank University affiliated workers.
It’s common knowledge that ignorant people who are not in Greek Life think sorority girls are snobby and entitled. Defy the stereotype. Take two seconds to say “thank you” to the bus driver as you get off the bus or to the Starbucks barista after she’s messed up your order three times. People will notice.

7. Thou shall not talk shit on other sororities.
There’s that old saying “What Susie says about Sally says more about Susie than about Sally.” This saying is not only true about two fictional characters with annoyingly similar names but about sorority girls as well. There is literally no bigger turn off for people than seeing a girl wearing letters talk shit about a sorority that’s not her own. There is a time and place to vent about that slut in another sorority that hooked up with your boyfriend but on the bus or at the local bar for happy hour isn’t that time. There are people lurking your convos everywhere so be careful what you say- it may come back to bite you in the ass later.

8. Thou shall not be a bitch to fraternity members at mixers.
Every fraternity you mix with isn’t going to be top tier and every guy at the event isn’t going to be your prince charming. Sometimes you just have to suck it up and be nice. Unless there is a guy there who has literally burned down your apartment building or hooked up with you, your big, and your little, cop the fucking attitude. Uncross your arms. Refrain from “accidentally” spilling your drink on someone’s head. Being a bitch or a drama whore at a mixer isn’t going to solve anything, it’s just going to make the fraternity brothers think you and your sisters are high maintenance bitches and not want to mix with your sorority in the future.

9. Thou shall take care of sisters at parties.
Sometimes shit happens, but when that shit happens you should be able to rely on your sisters to help you and you should be there to help them. If your friends wanted someone to judge and punish them for being drunk ass bitches they would go home to their moms. Be a sister, not a parent. Make sure your sisters get home safe and make it to the toilet instead of puking in the middle of the fraternity house living room. Be a sister when needed because what comes around goes around.

10. Thou shall be fun

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