That GDI Friend

Being in a sorority lends us the reputation of being both bitchy (true) and extremely exclusive (true). Most outsiders are under the impression that we devote 100% of our time to our sisters and no one else. This is simply not true. The values and morals of Greek Life actually encourage us to be diverse, well-rounded, and some of the kindest and most outgoing people on campus (okay, so maybe “kind” is an overstatement, but I digress). My point is that we obviously expand our inner circles further than our pledge class. “Other” people we spend time with include frat guys (who else is going to give us free alcohol?), girls in other chapters (except our homely, slut-faced, ho-bag rivals. Duh), the campus gays (because who else loves shopping and being judgmental as much as we do?), and if we’re really, reaaaally lucky, we have discovered a secret weapon and best kept secret: the GDI BFF.

Now now, everyone step down from your pedestals and admit that you DO SO associate with GDIs. They go to our bars, sit in our classrooms, and are occasionally cool enough to be in our group of friends. Let me tell you from experience, having a GDI bestie is nothing less than awesome. Most that I know of (including my own) have some actual reason for being a geed: a low GPA, a pesky thing called “student loans” or a weird unavoidable boy/hometown situation which got her blacklisted from the top-tier. Regardless, she is mostly normal, presentable and only slightly socially awkward so you can totally be seen with her in public. You have standards for all people around you, most of which the GDI bestie cannot only meet, but exceed.

First of all, any friend of yours is obligated to worship you but this goes double for the GDIBFF. Odds are that she’s not as pretty as you, as rich as you, or as popular as you. If she was, she would be IN a sorority. She also only has one or zero boyfriends. This means that she is always going to be nice to you because she is dying to learn your ways. You can always see the look of slight awe on her face when you read through the multitudes of texts messages from boys you are juggling. You know that she wants to borrow your clothes, be seen with your funny, beautiful friends, be invited to pregames and possibly score a ticket to a date function.

This level of slight worship means that she will always do you the necessary favors. Picture-taking, for example. When you’re at a pregame and the GDI friend tags along, You always have someone to take new profile pictures for you. You can include her in one and then it becomes a game of “take a picture of me and my little!” “LINEAGE PICCCCC!!!” “Okay now one of our pledge class!” “This time long-ways” and “okay now all the same ones, but in INSTAGRAM!” The only downside is that she’ll probably continue to document your debauchery late into the night, but just bribe/threaten her with something and you should be golden. She’s always the one you’ll rely on to piece together your night because for some reason, she seems to be immune to blackouts (or, she just has the ability to say no to shots. Either one) and the one you rely on for rides so you never have to do the walk of shame. Boyfriend #3 sure as fuck wasn’t going to pick up your favorite Starbucks order while driving you home, and all your sisters are doing their own thing in various frat-beds. See? What would you do without her?

Another great thing about her is that, simply put, she has her shit together. She probably has a job and priorities that vary from decoupaging, glitter, getting drunk every night and worrying about which boy to text/not text/swear that you won’t text but definitely eventually text. For this reason, she’ll always tell you when the rent/bills are due, when you need to start your term paper, and that yes, she will go to class and take notes for you while you’re hungover from last nights mixer. She’s the one that hides your phone when you’re too drunk and does that perfect best-friend thing where she both encourages/laughs at/weirdly admires your ability to make bad decisions, but always prevents them from going too awry. She always makes sure you’re safe and consoles you when you’re crying over a boy/because your little won’t call you back. She can keep track of your shit better than you can and knows your schedule better than you do. In short, she’s basically your lifesaver.

Your relationship with the GDIBFF is based on equal parts admiration, trust, and actually enjoying the others company. It’s nice to have someone to spend time with that gets along with your sisters, but with whom you can freely bitch to about your sisters without any repercussions. We all need a break sometimes, right? And she totally won’t judge you when you take off your bow and norts at the end of the day. You secretly wish you could be responsible like she is, and she secretly wishes she could be carefree like you are. See, GDIs are good for something.

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