Texas A&M Fraternity Member Leads Campaign To Raise Awareness About Sexual Assault


It’s no secret that fraternities across the nation don’t necessarily have the best reputation when it comes to taking an active role in the prevention of sexual assault. Many fraternities are stereotyped to live in a world (read: frat house) filled with booze and “scantily clad women” (as my grandmother likes to appropriately phrase it).

“Not On My Campus” is a campaign started by Greeks at the University of Texas at Austin and is now sweeping across campuses nationwide in an effort to raise awareness about sexual assault and remind victims that they are loved and that they are not alone.

The “Not On My Campus” campaign was transformed into an organization on the Texas A&M University campus and a surprising number of members in the Greek community have stepped up to show their support. Chase Whittet is a member of the executive board of his fraternity, Pi Kapp Phi, and is also a founding member and the Fraternity Chair of the Not On My Campus organization at Texas A&M. He took a stand for the Greek community and began an active dialogue on campus to raise awareness.

“NOMC” at Texas A&M held it’s kickoff event yesterday to create a presence on campus. The kickoff took place in the center of the university and included a display of silhouette cutouts with facts and statistics regarding sexual assault. Students passing by were invited to write “Not On My Campus” on the palm of their hand in Sharpie to raise awareness and encouraged to post pictures on social media with #NotOnMyCampus to spur discussion.

Whittet, being a respected member of the IFC community, has done an excellent job in leading by example and in doing so has encouraged other members of the Greek community to get involved and show their support as well.

Although one event may not bring an immediate end to the atrocities of sexual assault committed on campuses across America, having fraternities begin to take a stand in the prevention of sexual assault is certainly a large step in the right direction. Special thanks to Chase Whittet and all other members of the board of Not On My Campus for inspiring other students to raise awareness and take a stand.

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