Terrified Woman Sets House On Fire In Attempt To Kill Spider

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Ginny Griffith, a 34-year-old woman from Kansas, is facing arson charges after taking some pretty extreme measure to kill a spider.

We get it. Spiders are creepy, and we cannot be expected to coexist peacefully with them. I haven’t believed in killing bugs ever since I smoked too much reefer at a Vampire Weekend concert and had an epiphany. It was then that I coined the phrase, “you could have been born a bug,” and became the go-to sister for capturing the beetle in the living room and releasing it to freedom. But spiders? Spiders are on a whole different level than your average bug. They’re gross and evil and mean, and I do not trust their abundance of legs. Seriously, who needs that many fucking legs?

The only thing worse than spotting a spider in your house is spotting a spider in your house and then losing the demon moments later. This is probably what happened to Ginny. She apparently set fire to a pile of towels in an attempt to catch the spider and burn it to death. The fire department was forced to intervene, and the first responders put out the fire before major injury or structural damage could occur. The building suffered smoke damage, and poor Ginny has been charged with aggravated arson.

It’s not clear if the spider survived the flame. Most might choose to believe the arachnid perished in the blaze, but I’m sure Ginny knows he’s still there. Waiting.

[via WCYB]

Image via RGP

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