Temple Phi Sig Defends Greek Life In a Way That Deserves A Round Of Applause

Over the course of the past couple months, the public perception of Greek life has undoubtedly been on a steady decline. Any murmur of fraternities and sororities sparks discussions (and accusations) of rape, race, and hazing. People want someone they can point a finger at, and unfortunately, it’s been college Greeks. Who can blame them, really? From an outsider’s perspective all you see in the media is a bunch of privileged eighteen-year-olds getting slapped with some serious crimes. It’s not exactly an organization that exudes excellence from the outside looking in.

Madison Mills, Gabrielle Adams, and Hannah Casciole at Temple University, want to help change this issue. Mills, who is a Phi Sig, along with her two friends, produced a short documentary titled, Greek Spectacle. She says that while the video was for class, they “felt doing a piece that showcased the differences between reality vs. the media when it comes to being Greek would be an interesting point to make, especially with a lot of the tragedies/scandals from the past year.” The touching short features interviews with both fraternity and sorority members speaking out on the issue, providing insight for someone who may not know Greeks as anything more than the recent headlines.

Madison herself says it best:

We were trying to shed a light on the better parts of Greek life by owning up and being honest to some of the shenanigans we partake in, but asking our audience how that’s different from many other non-Greek affiliated college students. Everyone likes a good entertaining scandal, but I’m sure as you know there is a lot more than meets the eye. Hopefully our video can compare what’s captured to the reality of all the good that’s done and the amazing things that have been accomplished through a variety of organizations, for example, philanthropic work, fundraisers, tutoring, involvement on campus, etc. Are we perfect? No. Do we expect people to think we are? I mean I surely don’t, but I’m not sure enough people know the good aspects of the Greek community.

You go, girl.

[via Madison Mills]

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