Teens Are Having Less Sex Than Ever, Sex Is Going Out Of Style


Remember pregnancy pacts? When I was in high school, they were all the rage. Okay, maybe not all the rage, but they were in the news and all over Lifetime Network. Groups of BFFs would make a pact to all try and get pregnant at the same time, so that their babies would grow up together and be best friends like they are. They made teen pregnancy cool. MTV capitalized on the epidemic of pregnant teens by creating the show “Teen Mom,” which made everyone who watched it immediately ask your mom to put you on birth control because it would clear up your “acne.” False. You wanted to bone your boyfriend.

Fads go in and out of style, and just as it was once “in” to be a MILF at 16, now the cool new trend is not having any sex at all.

And what’s worse? Kids these days are more angsty than ever, probably because they’re not getting laid. Yeah, we were probably angsty and bitchy to everyone who wasn’t our friend in high school, but at least we could blow (LOL) off some steam in the back of our boyfriend’s car every once in awhile. Kids these days are less sexually active than ever before, according to this report first reported by Vox.

Every two years the government complies a series of reports on teens and this year’s results were surprising. Teens are having less sex than ever and they’re also using more birth control than ever.

Image via Vox

Only 30 percent of teens have ever had sex, and the number of teens having sex is at an all time low. Are the teenagers getting smarter or are they just getting uglier? (That should be the next report by the federal government.)


That’s right — teenagers are evolving. If they’re having sex at all, more and more teens are using some type of hormonal birth control to protect themselves against babies. I’m almost offended that these kids are smarter than I ever was, but the amount of babies on my Facebook timeline right now tells me that this is a probably a good thing.

But if the teenagers are having less sex, does that mean we’re going to start having less sex too? They decide all the trends, and this is no different. Is sex starting to become uncool? If anyone has any teenage brothers and sisters, LMK. I’ve always been decently cool (not “Regina George” status, but not “girl who eats her feelings” status, either) and I’m not about to go back now. If the teenagers say they’re going to have less sex, well, so am I.

And if you don’t do the same, you can’t sit with us.

[via Vox]

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