Teenager Calls 911, Claims Her Parents “Forced Her” To Go On Vacation With Them

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Family vacations are hard, no matter how much you like your squad. My personal favorite memory of family vacations is driving for ten straight hours to get to the destination, and then hating each other too much to actually hang out when we get there. There’s just something about congregating with the people you love the most that makes you realize how much you actually hate each other.

A Mississauga teenager is under fire for calling her local 911 and telling the operator that her parents “forced her” to go on vacation with them. Officers responded, as in they actually traveled to the rental cottage to see if everything was alright, and determined that there was no real emergency. Northumberland OPP Const. Stephen Bates told The Star,

“This appeared to be a case of a teenager being a teenager. Although she perceived this as a real issue, it was not an appropriate use of 911.

No shit, Sherlock.

“Calls such as this tie up police resources which could impact the safety of others in the community who are in real need of assistance.”

I don’t care if the police and the dispatchers and her family are all pissed; this girl is my hero. You have no idea how many times I’ve wanted to call the cops on someone who pisses me off. Next time my fam insists on spending some quality time together, I might just draw inspiration from the world’s saltiest teen and report a kidnapping. Take that, loving and supporting parents.

[via The Star]

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