Teen Becomes Internet Famous After Breaking Up With Cheating Girlfriend Using Memes

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We all know breakups are hard, mostly because there are rarely instances of couples hashing things out in a calm manner by implementing a sincere, respectful conversation to make the split official. In most cases, breakups involve tears, the throwing of heavy objects, and one or two death threats. In this particular case, there was none of that, yet it still manages to beat your worst breakup story.

Kane Zipperman, a 17-year-old from Georgia, decided that he had had enough of his cheating girlfriend. Understandable. Cheaters are the lowest scum to walk the planet, and we all want to throw rocks at them. While Kane’s decision to end the relationship was a good one, he opted for an immature manner of going about the breakup–not that anyone with a cheating, sack of shit ex could blame him.

Kane allegedly broke up with the anonymous cheater via text, using mainly Internet memes to get his point across. After the conversation took place, he tweeted a full picture of the now famous breakup. It soon went viral, with more than 75,000 tweets.


The teenager gained almost 30,000 Twitter followers and seems to be relishing in his Internet fame. He refers to himself as “The Martin Luther King for people who have been cheated on,” which is probably a bit of a stretch, but hey, I’ve been cheated on, so I can totally dig it. Keep doing you, Kane. We are all entertained.

[via Buzzfeed]

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