Taylor Swift’s New Apple Commercial Is So Awkwardly, Painfully, Horribly Cringeworthy

Taylor Swift

There are two sides to the Taylor Swift frenzy. Either you love her so much that you try to be her in everything you do, or you see through her facade and hate her (while still lowkey loving the shit out of her music). Both sides are extreme, the first saying that she’s an angel from above, here to break hearts and give sick children money. The other side thinking that she’s an awkward girl with good pipes who is brainwashing everyone into thinking she’s great when she’s really sort of a bitch.

Whatever. Who cares? Not saying what side I’m on (the second, obviously). But whichever team you stand behind, there’s one thing we can all agree on: Taylor Swift’s new Apple commercial is the most awkward, painful, cringeworthy thing ever made. Behold.

I get what she was going for. With the casual “I hate cardio” opening that we can soooo relate to. The thing is, she has a rocking bod and part of her job is looking hot. It’s different when she says she hates cardio in her own personal gym than when we say it in our shitty dorm room while adding more lbs to our already freshman fifteened bodies. Then it goes into the new features of iTunes or music or whatever (it’s not Spotify so who cares?). Cool, we get it there are activity playlists. But this coolish feature is overshadowed by watching the whitest of white girls pretending to rap while jogging on a treadmill.


Which makes sense. I mean hello?! She’s so uncoordinated and awkward that she can’t even put her feet in front of each other without faceplanting. Relateable AF, amiright? And she keeps singing because Apple just knows that if we slide off of a treadmill we would keep rocking out instead of sobbing into our Lulus and canceling any and all gym memberships. While the diehard Tay lovers are all about it (respect), the rest of the population? They’re starting to see what Taylor is playing it. Leave the awkwardness to Jennifer Lawrence and go back to making bangers, Tay. It’s better that way.

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