Taylor Swift Wants Her Beverly Hills Home To Be Listed As A Historical Landmark

Taylor Swift Wants Her Beverly Hills Home To Be Listed As A Historical Landmark

As if Taylor Swift couldn’t get anymore pretentious and entitled, her latest request from the universe is to make her Beverly Hills home listed as a historical landmark. I repeat, Taylor Swift wants her house to be named a historical landmark. Her house. The place she takes shits. A historical landmark.

The only thing that needs to be listed on Taylor Swift’s home is a “beware of dog” or “proceed with extreme caution” sign in her front yard. But anyway.

According to the Beverly Hills Courier, the Cultural Heritage Commission will plan to evaluate designating the home as a historic landmark “at the request of the property owner,” because she wants to make sure the home stays “preserved.”

The home is worth $25 million dollars, so I would want to make sure that sucker is “preserved” too. I want to make sure my $20 throw rugs stay preserved at all costs, so I understand the urge.

It seems this house does have a little bit of history to it. It was built in 1934 and was formerly the home of big time film producer Samuel Goldwyn (idk who he is). The property is a total of 10,982 square feet and has six bedrooms, five baths, a formal dining room, a movie theater, a library, a gym, a swimming pool a pool house, and a guest suite above the garage. Okay Taylor, $25 mil and all the features above, I get it. Preserve that shit.

And Taylor, I’m really happy for you, I’m going to let you finish, but Beyoncé had one of the best videos of all time. Now that’s historic.

[via US Magazine]

Image via Tinseltown | Shutterstock

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