Taylor Swift Surprises 96-Year-Old WWII Veteran For Christmas

Taylor Swift Surprises 96-Year-Old WWII Veteran For Christmas

If there’s one thing that all Taylor Swift fans know, it’s that her appreciation for Christmas goes way beyond her love of red lipstick and sparkly accessories. For the past few years, Tay has been known to surprise her most devoted fans during the holidays by giving them gifts in person. This tradition has come to be called “Swiftmas” and 2016 was no exception to the occasion.

This past Sunday, Taylor paid a surprise visit to one of her oldest fans — a 96-year-old WWII war veteran named Cyrus Porter. Cyrus had recently done an interview with a local news station about his admiration for Taylor, telling them, “I’ve been to two concerts. Memphis and St Louis. Look what she does…she puts on a show no one else puts on…I just liked the way she did stuff.” In the interview, Cyrus also mentioned he uses Taylor’s music to connect with his grandchildren.

Seeing the interview after it went viral, Tay in all her glory crashed Cyrus’ family Christmas party in New Madrid, Missouri and performed her hit “Shake It Off.”

So just when you think 2016 couldn’t possibly end on a high note, just remember it’s never too late for a white horse to come around.

[via Time, Billboard]

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