Taylor Swift Proves Once More That She Has No Sense Of Humor

Taylor Swift can sing, write, play guitar, rebound, and sort of dance, but there’s one thing she can’t do, and that’s take a joke. I try really hard to like Taylor Swift. I feel extremely obligated to like her, especially since I know every song lyric by heart. Then she pulls shit like this, and all hope of fangirl-ing is completely lost.

Our story starts when meme-queen and resident lunatic, Miley Cyrus posted an old meme of Justin Bieber (<3) and Taylor Swift face-swapped to look like a trendy little lesbian couple. Which might I add, I personally find to be hilarious. Taylor, however did not seem to find it so funny.


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Taylor chimes in to comment on the photo in the most Taylor Swift-y way possible. She left the cryptic comment, “Sending you love.” Cue the eye roll. For you Swifties out there, don’t try and convince yourselves that this is a sincere message of affection, because every passive aggressive bitch knows exactly what that is: shade. Everyone knows the real bitch is the girl you think is the nicest. You don’t fool me, Swift.

Let’s not forget this meme is years old. I don’t understand how this could possibly offend Taylor?! It’s a compliment if you ask me. It’s as though this “sending you love” comment is Taylor’s way of condescendingly saying “praying for you, you washed up crazy crackhead.” Of course her evil minions fans, were there to chime in.

Has thou not learned Taylor? Shake it off.

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