Taylor Swift Missed The VMAs Because She Had Jury Duty

Taylor Swift Missed The VMAs b Because She Had Jury Duty

If you have a beating heart, you watched the VMAs last night and saw Queen Bey give the performance of a lifetime, watched Kanye’s speech, and secretly hoped Drake was going to propose to Rihanna.

You probably noticed someone was missing. Where was Taylor Swift? People had been speculating for weeks that this would be the right time to make her peace with the Kimye. There were even reports on how many requests MTV got from celebs just to sit next to Taylor. Instead, she got called out in Kanye’s speech and was trolled on Twitter. I felt for her.

Well, don’t freak out because the 1989-born TSwift isn’t dead, but she probably would’ve rather been considering she had jury duty this morning.

Yes, that’s right, jury duty. Something we all pray to avoid for the rest of our over-18 lives. She showed up this morning in Nashville, ready to pay her debts to society.

First, Kylie Jenner has period symptoms, now Taylor Swift has to attend jury duty? Since when did celebrities become human?

I feel for you, Taylor. While Beyonce is cheer captain you’re still on the bleachers, I mean jury box.

[via Elite Daily]

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