Taylor Swift Launching Her Own TV Channel To Be Played Exclusively In My Seventh Layer Of Hell


If you’re a Taylor Swift fan, congratulations, because homegirl is getting her own TV channel. A whole CHANNEL of Taylor Swift, which will be playing on repeat in my seventh layer of hell. It’s weird because her arch nemesis — excuse me, one of her arch nemeses, because she’s racked them up — has her own TV channel too. I mean, not officially, but it might as well be called the K! network, amiright?

DirecTV made the following announcement via Twitter.

AT&T piped in to add that the channel will also be available to AT&T Uverse customers, so even normal cable-having plebes will be able to watch ALL TAYLOR ALL THE TIME.

Variety reports that “the Taylor Swift Now channel will be devoted to the videos, concert performances, behind-the-scenes footage, and more from Swift’s archives” More from her archives? Like maybe the OTHER end of that infamous conversation with Kanye? One can only hope.

You know what they say, when you’re dangerously close to overexposure, take a year off and then start a TV channel that exclusively shows your face.

[via Variety]

Image via Joe Seer | Shutterstock

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