Taylor Lautner Could Be Making A Comeback

There are a few things in life that simply won’t die. Middle school selfies, drunk texts, and Sperrys are prime examples. Just when you think that you’ve seen the last of them, they somehow manage to rise up from the flames and reenter your life once more. And yesterday, Taylor Lautner proved that he, too, is no exception.

Much to my ovaries’ pleasant surprise, Lautner pulled a major power move on Tuesday and entered into the world of Instagram. But of course, a simple selfie wouldn’t do the trick. While the rest of us would have settled for a photo of his abs, his butt, or really any part of him, Taylor took advantage of the video feature of Instagram, and created a short montage featuring his celeb friends. And to some people’s dismay, he ended his little skit by offering to give Taylor Swift’s phone number to none other than David Spade.

The ex-werewolf has been on the social media site for about a day, but has already racked up over half a million followers. This, with the support of other evidence, has lead me to only one conclusion: Taylor Lautner is poised to make a comeback. Not only has he achieved the follower count that every basic dreams of, but he has done so in a clever way. His video showcases that he has yet to loose his charming sense of humor, not to mention the nonchalant backflip skills he throws in. Still not convinced? Let this sink in: he’s only 24. You heard me. With his youthful energy, I doubt that his chiseled face and toned physique are at risk of fading. And let’s not forget that he is well within the dating age range of you and I.

So click that follow button, my friends. I think we can agree that this is one thing that we would like to see be resurrected from the past. And with that, I leave you with this. You’re welcome.

Too early for golf 😴

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