Target Just Dropped What Might Be Their Best Collab Of All Time

Target Just Dropped What Might Be Their Best Collab Of All Time

It is a well-documented, well-researched scientific fact that it is actually, physically impossible to go into Target and only purchase the one thing you came in for. I’m sorry, but it’s true. If you’re not prepared to spend at least three digits when you really only need to pick up new laundry detergent, you might as well turn right around and go home. Between browsing the dollar section, shoes, and clearance tops, you’ll usually walk out of the store spending an unnecessary hundred dollars, but that’s okay – you knew, coming in, that this was inevitable. However, the REAL spending problems come in when Target drops their infamous collaborative projects. From Lilly for Target to Alexander McQueen, Target has been known to bring it when creating luxe products that won’t break the bank.

Their newest collab just dropped today, and trust me, you’re going to want to get in on this. Their newest line is a limited-time only release of special-to-Target Baublebar jewelry that they’re naming SUGARFIX. You’re probably already familiar with Baublebar as the online go-to for trendy jewelry of the moment, but their special line with Target is arguably some of their best work. From chokers to collars to bibs to bracelets to crawler earrings, Target has everything you need to upgrade your accessory game to the next level immediately. And the best part? Their prices are about half of what you’d normally expect to see on Baublebar, so you won’t even feel bad about spending an extra $300 on necklaces you don’t need.

Since they’re inspired by your favorite Instagrammable treats, you’ll be able to grab a handful of light pinks, purples, and blues that you’ll be able to rock all spring long. There are tons of pinks, reds, and maroons to take your Valentine’s Day outfit to the next level, as well as classic black chokers to match your soul if you’re dead inside. There are over 100 items being offered for under $30, so run, seriously, run to Target immediately and get ready to seriously upgrade your fashion game – just don’t be surprised when you get your credit card statement back in the mail.

[via Target]

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