Tamagotchis Back On The Market

Good day or best day? Tamagotchi is back and it’s better than ever (heyyyy nowwww, hey now). Seventeen, you read that right, seventeen years ago, Tamagotchi stormed the country and made an impression on our young hearts. I don’t think I was able to keep mine alive for more than a day, back in my youth, which speaks volumes of my ability to take care of myself now, but I HAD to have it. Honestly, this thing was the precursor to our modern day obsession with our iPhones — this little, electronic device, which, according to our mothers, would certainly ruin our eyes, that we had to take with us EVERYWHERE. It’s exactly like every single Apple product, except I was possibly more upset when my Tamagotchi turned up dead than I am when I realize a boy hasn’t texted me back.

The new Tamagotchi is coming to us in app form, which is great, considering I can’t possibly be addicted to two devices at once. #Irresponsible Watch out, Candy Crush, a new sickly addictive game is in town. This time, each Tamagotchi will have its own “cute name (Patitchi, Memetchi) and unique appearance and character traits.” Tamagotchis will be able to communicate with each other when people bump their smartphones together (which freaks me out — did we learn NOTHING from Furbys?).

The toy/app is now supplemented by a virtual world, Dream Town, where they can interact online, and a freaky Japanese web series, which actually makes it way less cool instead of more cool. I’ll be downloading it either way.

The Tamagotchi app will be available for download in fall 2014.

[via Huffington Post]

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