Syracuse Greek System Breaks Record For Most Sandwiches Made In An Hour, It’s A TSM

Make Me A Sandwich

Breaking a sandwich-making record. It’s a TSM.

Over the weekend, Syracuse University Greeks were challenged to make as many PB&J sandwiches as possible in an hour, to be given to the homeless. After only twenty minutes, the bread was gone. The school’s Greek system made 1800 sandwiches in just an hour which was amazingly enough to feed every homeless person who came to the Samaritan Center where the event took place for a week.

Evan Konecky, Graduate Assistant with Fraternity and Sorority Affairs spoke on the matter:

Right now this is pumping me up, because they’re doing what their founders intended them to do. Was to give back, have fun and… It’s just a great event, I’m speechless right now.”

The current record for most sandwiches made in an hour (because THAT is something we need to be keeping track of) is 1700. Much like most of my relationship statuses, however, the new record is only unofficially official, as there were no Guinness representatives present.

This truly is a beautiful thing. Made only more beautiful by the fact that fraternity men were making sandwiches. If we’re being honest, a fraternity man has never asked me to make him a sandwich in real life. Writing for the internet, however, I’ve been asked for cyber sandwiches more times than I can count, and the irony in this just has me tickled pink. I’d venture to say it’s a stride in the women’s rights movement. It’s like…first the right to vote, now this? What’s next! Kidding. Seriously good job, ‘Cuse.

[via CNY Central]

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