Surprise! Guys Don’t Like It When You Agree With Their Compliments

Surprise! Guys Don't Like It When You Agree With Their Compliments

I once dated a guy who pretty consistently got annoyed with me for my reaction to his compliments. For some reason or another, when he’d tell me I was pretty, my instinct was to disagree with him — to tell him “maybe if I lost ten pounds,” or “except for my skin,” or offer some other condition, without which, his compliment might ring true.

“Just say thank you,” he’d tell me. “You make it so difficult to say nice things when you react this way.”

Why couldn’t I just do that?? Oh yeah. This is why.

Claire Boniface, a twenty-year-old student started a little social experiment where she agreed with the compliments men gave her. And, frankly, they didn’t like it.





I see this two ways. Yes, the responses were fucking douchey. Saying “no you’re not” after you give someone a compliment is just shitty. This has happened to me multiple times after I’ve denied a catcall, and even from homeless men, it still provides a weird feeling.

However. “I know” is also a shitty response to a compliment unless you’re messing around. This goes for man, woman, and child. You can be confident and AT THE SAME TIME continue to adhere to social norms.

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Veronica Ruckh

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