Summer Vacation: Expectation Versus Reality

Summer Vacation- Expectation Versus Reality

Expectation: You’ll spend your summer in class, getting a few credits out of the way so you can focus on the difficult courses you’re taking in the fall.
Reality: You’ve decided to stick around campus for the summer so you can retake the class you failed this semester because you were too busy day drinking, while simultaneously keeping up your day drinking habits.

Expectation: You’re going to reconnect with all of your high school friends. Your parents love seeing your hometown crew reassembled, and you can’t wait to get them together for a few rowdy nights, just like the old days.
Reality: You go out for drinks one time and realize those bitches are boring as fuck. You spend the rest of summer avoiding their calls.

Expectation: You’re spending your summer doing some volunteering so it will look good on your resume. You love giving back, because you’re charitable like that.
Reality: You forgot to apply for internships until far past the deadlines, so you’ve decided to be someone’s bitch for free, and hate every minute of it.

Expectation: You’re putting all of your effort into your internship, because you are genuinely interested in your future career, and you want all the experience you can get.
Reality: You spend 98% of the day on Facebook and G-Chat, and the other 2% figuring out how to get the other interns to do your work for you.

Expectation: Your parents are thrilled to have you home. They understand you deserve a break after working hard all year.
Reality: About two weeks into your summer break, your mom is sick of you hanging around the house and your dad keeps yelling hurtful things at you such as “Get a job!” and “Stop using my credit card!”

Expectation: Your summer is going to be an all out party from start to finish. Between visits to see your school friends, vacations with your family, and hanging out with your hometown friends, you’ll be partying harder than Ke$ha
Reality: You spend most of your days on Facebook judging everyone, and you spend the rest of the time sleeping.

Expectation: You’re going to focus on working out all summer so you get back to campus looking hotter than ever.
Reality: You go running the second day you’re home and decide that drinking Diet Coke and watching Real Housewives marathons is far more appealing.

Expectation: You’ll meet the man of your dreams at your summer internship and end the summer with a boyfriend, according to plan.
Reality: There are three guys at your internship who aren’t fat, married, or just fucking weird. Two of them have serious girlfriends, and one of them is gay.

Expectation: You’ll enjoy the welcome break from your rigorous academic schedule and will spend two months relaxing and dreading your return to campus.
Reality: You’ll spend your days texting your sisters incessantly, and when you’re not texting, you’re tweeting or writing on their Facebook walls about how much you miss them.

Expectation: You’re going to be rekindling your romance with your hometown fling and having all sorts of crazy sex that will make for great stories upon your return to campus.
Reality: Your “forever single” hometown fling now has a serious girlfriend, you don’t know how to meet people that aren’t your college friends, and the worst thing to happen to your sex life all summer is a set of dead batteries.

Expectation: Weeks before your return to campus, you’ll be organizing your new planner and deciding on the best way to attack your upcoming fall semester, ensuring academic success.
Reality: You’re going to be a senior and you still don’t have a clue what “communications” means as a  major . You’re spending the last few weeks of summer planning out the perfect outfit for every night of welcome week, and counting down the days until you’re back on campus with your best friends. Despite the “going to class” aspect, the school year beats summer, hands down.


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