Summer Flings I Don’t Hate

Since we’re all gearing up for what’s obviously going to be the best summer ever, I’ve decided to take a break from all of my manis/pedis/massages/spray tanning sessions/summer shopping sprees/packing a million pieces of monogrammed luggage with purchases from said shopping sprees to sit down and evaluate the dating scene in Hollywood. I know that everyone’s goal is to score the hottest summer hook up (I tend to gravitate toward rich foreigners, and boys with yachts), so who better to give sound advice than our Hollywood counterparts? Let’s see who these Hollywood versions of TSM examples are getting hot and heavy with during this heat wave of a season:

Ashley Tisdale:

Not only is her hair back to blonde (welcome back, we’ve missed you), but she’s decided to trade in her awkward maxi dresses for some daisy dukes and some super hot man candy. Her boyfriend is lead singer of Boys Like Girls, Martin Johnson. I’m usually not a huge fan of the whole rocker thing, but it’s a phase, and I get it. Sure, Martin may not be the clean cut, seersucker wearing boy we all want to bring home to mom, but it’s Hollywood, and the rules are different there. As long as Ash can keep her head out of the whole “punk rock” scene, and keep her hair blonde and shiny, I think she’ll be okay. I give this relationship 8 months, max. Nobody marries a rock star, even if it’s a great phase to go through. Worst case scenario, he’ll be a great summer concert date. I approve.

Hilary Duff:

She’s gotten kind of fat lately. I’m just kidding, she’s a new mom! Hils gave birth to an ADORABLE little boy named Luca Cruz, fathered by her semi-hot hockey player husband. She’s losing the baby weight super fast (which I suggest to everyone), and I was worried she was going to be sentenced to spending her summer in Mommy-land. Luckily, Hilary was spotted out at the SoHo house, sans baby, but with her husband last week. Either way, I guess since she’s married and now has a baby, she won’t be having so much of a “fling” but a “lasting relationship.” I’m totally in approval of this.

Emma Roberts:

Julia’s niece with the great stylist is completely adorable, and completely head over heels for her boyfriend, Chord Overstreet (Trout Mouth from Glee). The two have been seen everywhere fun-related; Coachella, Disneyland, etc. I’m a little freaked out about why they think that couples need to dress alike (color-coordinating a tie to a dress and wearing matching skinny jeans are two completely different ends of the spectrum), but I actually like them as a couple. They’re both respectable 7.5 to 8’s so they’re very much in each others’ leagues. Apparently, they dated for a while, and then broke up, and now they’re back together. This is a pretty typical freshman/sophomore year relationship, and I hope they make it through the summer.

Pippa Middleton:

I don’t care who she dates. As long as she keeps making Zara look cute and stops waving guns around, I approve.

Blake Lively:

My personal favorite top-tier queen has successfully made everyone in the world jealous by dating Ryan Reynolds, which is old news, but I still like to be happy for her about it. Anyway, apparently the two are getting even more serious; they were recently spotted looking for homes in my neighborhood! While the two opted away from the picturesque Connecticut countryside and have reportedly purchased a home in upstate New York, I love them, and I think if two people this perfect can’t find a way to make it work, nobody will. I would love to be able to report an engagement by Christmas, and I really think it will happen. I’m having a little bit of anxiety over who she might have design her gown (I have a gift for these things, usually. I called McQueen for Kate, Vera for Khloe and Kim, etc), but I still love them.

So there you have it. Whether you’re looking for a summer of fun (Tisdale style), or trying to lock down your pre-med prince, any of the above ladies would be perfect to emulate.

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