Study Shows Instagram Users Are Narcissists And That Study Can Kiss My Ass


Oh, what a shocking revelation. Studies done by LendEDU reveal that Instagram is the most “narcissistic” social media platform, which scored more votes than Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat combined. The question I have here, is who the fuck actually cares?

There are some boundaries, don’t get me wrong. An Instagram full of bikini pics and selfies makes my eyes roll into the year 2020, but no one seems to care when Kylie Jenner does it? (For the record, I don’t like Kylie Jenner, but Khloé can do no wrong).

The survey gives a bunch of BS statistics, like “78 percent of millennials know someone who has deleted a post because it didn’t get enough likes.”

UH, DUH. It’s just an excuse to delete a picture I didn’t even really like to begin with. If the picture doesn’t fit with the aesthetic, it’s G2G. I really don’t get the big deal. The argument that people use drives me insane.

“OMG, why do you need validation from Instagram likes?” Honey, I don’t NEED validation from Instagram likes. I don’t NEED validation from anything. Not a boyfriend. Not a social media platform. Nothin.’ Instagram is fun. And sometimes you do need a *little* ego boost because everyone gets down on themselves sometimes. But it’s not black and white. Trust. My ex never uses Instagram, and he’s the biggest egomaniac I know.

The study done by LendEDU says:

“The world of social media has become so expansive and diverse that its original intent has become convoluted.

For (millennials), social media is a powerful tool with the ability to create an entirely new persona, void of reality.

The formula is quite simple. If you post enough artsy, chic pictures of yourself that rack up plenty of likes, then real-life accomplishments will not matter because the popularity of your social media accounts will determine your status on the social hierarchy.”

Listen up, LendEDU, if my life LOOKS amazing on Instagram, that’s because it is amazing. And shame on YOU for judging my real-life accomplishments, believing them to be nonexistent because I like to post pictures from girls night out. Says the girl who graduated college with a 4.0 and has a full time job with awesome benefits. The problem isn’t “millennials,” because if old ass people knew how to work Instagram, they would. Nothing stops them from posting any and all opinions they have on Facebook. The problem is jealousy. If you can’t handle looking at someone else’s highlight real to their life, they have an unfollow button. Use it.

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[via Elite Daily]

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