Study Finds That You’re Less Likely To Orgasm If You Buy Into Sexist Beliefs

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I’ve always believed that if you’re going to be selfish, it may as well be in bed. It’s a sad fact that guys are just easier to please, so you shouldn’t feel bad about taking some time to ~take care~ of your own needs. As long as you’re not the human equivalent of a starfish or shouting insults about the size of his junk, any decent guy shouldn’t have a problem with you making sure your romp is equally fun for the both of you.

A new study from the University of Queensland found that women who buy into sexist beliefs are less likely to orgasm. Researchers tested two group os women, first testing how much they believe in “ambivalent sexism,” which is a brand of sexism that encourages passivity, or the belief that women should be reliant on men. Which is weird, because I was under the impression that this way of thinking went out the window after the invention of the vibrator.

Women with ambivalent sexist beliefs who date dominant men apparently tend to view sex as a duty owed to a male partner, instead of a fun activity. The participants who fit under this category and whose partners have a high level of “perceive male sexual selfishness” also had a more difficult time orgasming. To which every woman in existence says, “Um, duh.” Obviously you’re not going to get off if your boyfriend is too busy thinking about the post-coital sandwich you’re going to fix him instead of giving your lady parts the attention they deserve.

Yet another reason why I thoroughly believe our generation needs to nuke the concept of sexism. At the end of the day, you can do whatever you want in your relationships and with your body. Just don’t expect to return to your O-face if he has you convinced that you’re less important just because you’re not sporting a dong down south.

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