26 Struggles Of Being The High Maintenance Friend


  1. No one quite understands why exactly it takes you so long to get ready.
  2. To be frank, you don’t really know either.
  3. And you know what that means? You’re always late.
  4. When you’re late, you’re not like a “cute” 5-10 minutes late. It’s more like a 30 minutes to an hour late.
  5. “Can you see my tracks? Does my hair blend?”
  6. You know if you’re staying over at a friend’s house, you have to pack your skincare regimen.
  7. You can’t expect your friends to have your crucial must-haves (like eyelash glue) in times of need.
  8. “Take a picture with me.”
  9. “Take a picture of me.”
  10. “Ew. Delete that.”
  11. You’re starting to wonder if your friends secretly hate you for making them take so many pictures.
  12. You always seem to be lagging just a little bit behind the group due to your outrageously high shoes.
  13. But you live with it, because you would never go out in a flat shoe.
  14. Everyone always wants to borrow things from your closet.
  15. A lot of your clothes never seem to reappear in your wardrobe.
  16. You have a difficult problem with just “throwing something on.” Each of your outfits took planning and effort. You like it that way.
  17. “Sorry I can’t make it, I have a nail appointment/eyelash fill/eyebrow wax.”
  18. You find it particularly hard to act enthusiastic when your friends want to do outdoorsy activities.
  19. You know you’re probably going to have to bring your own drink of choice and/or a chaser to the pregame. Beer/cheap liquor just won’t do.
  20. You hurt a little bit every time someone asks to borrow your expensive lip products, but you let them borrow it anyway, and pray it makes it back to you safely.
  21. And if you forget to bring your lipstick out, you have a hard time using their drugstore lip product as a replacement. Is it even long-wear?!
  22. When you travel together, you know you’ll show up with double the luggage than everyone else.
  23. Even if it’s just for a weekend trip. Two bag minimum.
  24. You need the final say on group photos. You’re never satisfied with the first one three.
  25. The frustration that is knowing exactly how you want a picture, but no one being able to capture it.
  26. You love all your friends dearly, but the center of attention? that belongs to you.

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