STOP WHAT YOU’RE DOING: This Deleted Scene From Mean Girls Changes The WHOLE Movie

Mean Girls Deleted Scene

Stop. Collaborate and listen. The deleted scene from Mean Girls available when you purchase the film on iTunes, or literally right below if you don’t, is too perfect to even.

When Cady realizes her parents showed up to the Spring Fling, she darts to the bathroom to hide out, when who should appear behind her in the mirror, slasher style? Regina George herself. Drugged up on pain meds, Regina and Cady have a touching moment — Cady apologizes for letting Regina get hit by a bus, and Regina admits she only wanted Aaron so Cady couldn’t have her.

Would this have made the movie better? Would this have forever changed Mean Girls as we know it? Probably. I can’t even wrap my mind around this alternate universe, so I’ve decided we just need new teen girl movie to last another decade. Clueless reigned supreme in the ’90s, and Mean Girls had its moment in the ’00s, but the next generation needs a movie to quote for the next ten to fifteen years. It’s time.

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Veronica Ruckh

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