Stop Shaming The Victoria’s Secret Models


As you all know, the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show aired last night, and all anyone can talk about is how thin the models are. My news feed is littered with criticisms for the models and what their bodies construe as “normal” in society. The largest model is something like a size -2, and America is not pleased. If you’re one of the haters, I have only one thing to say to you: get over it.

The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show isn’t supposed to be an accurate representation of real life. It’s a fantasy. Walking around in five-foot angel wings isn’t realistic. Wearing a 2 MILLION dollar diamond bra isn’t realistic. Why on earth should these women’s bodies be? If I wanted to look at a girl with rolls binging on doughnuts, I’d just stand in front of the mirror.

So there aren’t any size 12 models. Who cares? A lot of these women work their asses off to get as fit and healthy as possible in order to walk in the show. Before you start bitching at me about eating disorders, know that before the fashion show last year, Lily Aldridge put out a video showing what she does to prepare and it is INTENSE.

She starts off her day with a power smoothie, and then heads to yoga for her first of many workouts. For most of us, this one workout would be more than enough, but Lily doesn’t stop there – she also tackles ballet, weight lifting, running, spinning, AND kickboxing. Meanwhile, I’m proud of myself if I can make it to that class all the way across campus without getting winded. If anything, Lily’s body isn’t something to shame in the media – it’s something that we should all aspire to. She’s not skinny, she’s healthy, and I think more than a few of us could benefit from following in her footsteps and hitting the gym a little more than we currently do.

If the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show inspires me to do something positive for my health, then that’s an amazing thing that shouldn’t be put down. Personally, I think we should have more events like this in the media that show what hard work and dedication can achieve. It doesn’t mean that I’m being shamed for my body type or that I can’t love myself – it just means that I can (and should!) put more effort into caring for my body because I love myself. At the end of the day, remember this is a fantasy – while the bodies can be achieved with hard work and veggies, I can only imagine having hair like that in my wildest dreams.

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