Stop Putting Fruit On Everything

stop putting fruit on everything

This isn’t a new trend. This isn’t something that I’ve just discovered for the first time and am now sharing for the first time. It’s been slowly creeping up over the last few years. I remember the moment when I realized that it was becoming a fad. My best friend showed me this picture and said, “We HAVE to do this next year.”

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That is the moment the fruit fad hit home for me.

I have to admit, when I saw that costume, I thought it was so fun and different. But when the next year rolled around, and the first night I went out, there were drunk fruits running all over the damn place. To be fair, I was a drunk pumpkin (a drumpkin), but that’s a vegetable so get out of my grill. Fruit started to pop up everywhere. Bags, clothes, purses, phone cases. Soon my roommate was framing pictures of fruits to hang above her bed. I couldn’t understand it. When did fruit become cute?

A lemon used to be just a citrus fruit, but soon it was a staple for the preppy and polished. If you wanted to make a sorority shirt or rush banner to die for, throw a couple pineapples on there. They’ve become a status symbol. Oh you don’t have a pineapple shirt? You must not be hot and summer-y. Designers sniffed out this design craze and capitalized in a major way.

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I know ZTA’s symbol is a strawberry, but I’m making a point here.

Be as sweet as a watermelon! 🍉💕 #HM❤️

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This literally just has the name of the fruit on the side of the bag.

Et tu, Betsey?

Fruit is attractive. It’s associated with fresh, warm weather. But it’s still a food. A dress covered entirely with asparagus would be weird. If your purse was in the shape of a roast beef, you might get some strange looks. Decorating yourself with food is cheesy (especially if it is cheese that you are wearing).

Above all else, fruit has become basic. Every ~srat star~ in the continental United States has a banner with her letters and pineapples. There’s a tipping point where a fad can turn from trendy to timeless, and I just don’t see it happening. It’s getting old. After all this time, have we really not come up with something new and creative? We can absolutely do better. Are we too good for polka dots, stripes, or any of the decided patterns? Use your creative minds for more than three minutes, get off of Pinterest, and make something that will make you stand out.

So put the fruits down and put flamingos on everything like a normal person. They are so in right now.

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