Stop Idolizing Bad Relationships


It’s time we all have a talk. I just can’t take it anymore. Let’s talk about #RelationshipGoals.

It all started with some girl talk about Sex and The City. And of course, the all encompassing question was brought up: Team Big or Team Aidan? I answered with what is the obvious choice. Team Aidan, duh. I mean, look at the alternate choice that is Mr. Big. He left Carrie at the altar. He cheated on his wife. He tried to (and did) buy Carrie’s love (hello, closet) as a way to apologize for all his asshole mistakes. He’s the classic jerk-face that’s able to sweet talk his way out of anything by flashing that charismatic grin. It’s nauseating. Mr. Big is beyond a fuckboy, he’s a fuckman. Actually, he’s The Fuckman.

So why do so many of us feel ourselves drawn to the jerk? Better yet, why do we root for the jerk? The results don’t lie, people.

You find yourself rooting for #TeamBig, or Chuck and Blair, or Olivia and Fitz. You naively watch these imaginary TV couples fall in love and despite the odds, make it work and get their happily ever after (Olivia and Fitz still pending). You watch as these terrible, hopeless, undateable, guys are forgiven time and time again.

Our favorite characters make exceptions for them because, after all, they’ve found the one.

These strong, tough characters always end up going back to these guys who, let’s face it, are scum.

While these make for great on-screen love stories, the problem is you forget that’s all it is: a fictional, on-screen love story. My heart hurts when I see girls hoping to “find their Big one day” or “have a love like Chuck and Blair.” I hate to break it to you, but in reality the man of your dreams is not the guy that makes you the other woman. *gasp* He’s not the guy that puts you through an emotional roller coaster. *faints* He’s most certainly not the guy you should spend your nights crying over. *blows mind*

Wanting a guy that doesn’t toy with your emotions does not make your standards too high. The Bigs, the Chucks, the Fitzs all make for a fun fling, but that’s not the guy you want to fall head over heels for.

So my advice to you is this. That asshole you’re wasting tissues on is not the love of your life, and most likely is not going to change his ways. Run for the hills, and look for the guy you should’ve been looking for all along. Dump your Big, and go get yourself a Harry.

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