Stop Everything You’re Doing: “Wicked” Is Becoming A Movie

Wicked Movie

Attention readers: you need to take a seat for what I’m about to tell you. Put on your safety belts. Secure your valuables. Get ready to defy freaking gravity, because this is not a drill. I repeat: This. Is. Not. A. Drill.

“Wicked” is going to become a movie.

I know. I KNOW. You listened to the soundtrack on repeat every single day of your middle school career. You can sing literally every single word of “Popular” on command. You totally get the fact that this show has made every other magic witch musical its biatch. (Looking at you, “Frozen.” Let it go.)

Marc Platt, the genius producer behind “Into the Woods,” recently announced that the Broadway sensation will become a feature-length film. The best part? The masterminds behind this brilliant idea hope to release the movie in 2016. I’m not a mathematician, but considering that it’s 2015 right now, that’s not too far away. Sure, sure, Platt goes on to say things like he’s “going to wait until it’s ready” as opposed to sticking to a 2016 deadline, and that great things take time, and blah blah blah. But we don’t care because “Wicked” is going to be a movie, and all of our prepubescent dreams are coming true.

Unfortunately, no cast members have been confirmed yet, but rumor has it that some of our favorites won’t be back. But, like, maybe if we all sit in a circle and chant the musical score together, the original cast will magically become part of the film. Maybe. Please? Either way, social media is going crazy with rumors of who the cast will (and won’t) be.

On a more disturbing note, everyone in the whole world thinks that Lea Michele will get all “Glee” on us and play Elphaba.

Total Lea Move.

On the plus side, Winnie Holzman, who adapted “Wicked” for the stage, is writing the script. You keep us young, Winnie. Ugh, we love ya so much.

This is, without a doubt, one of the best things to happen to us since 2003, when the musical made its Broadway debut. We must have done something right. Well, that, or people are just really sick of listening to Idina Menzel play Elsa instead of Elphaba. Whatever it is, it’s happening again, only on the big screen — and if I learned anything in college, it’s that bigger is always better. Anyone else feel like a born-again virgin?

Can’t wait to see you in (hopefully) 2016, “Wicked.” We’re totally confident that there’s nothing that can stop you from becoming populer — er, -lar.

[via Film Divider]

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