State Department Employee Blackmailed Sorority Girls Into Sending Him Nudes

State Department Employee Blackmailed Sorority Girls Into Sending Him Nudes

Just as we thought, your nudes are never safe, not even from the government.

Michael C. Ford has been arrested on what’s being called “sextortion” charges for stealing photos from the computers of sorority women and trying to use them as blackmail to get the women to send him even more sexually explicit photos. Ford hacked into the women’s internet account using his State department computer where he works at the U.S. Embassy in London. He was apprehended when he returned back to the states to visit family.

Ford apparently had a creepy thing for sorority girls. According to prosecutor Mona Sedky, “He targeted women at U.S. colleges and universities and was looking for women who were members of sororities.” But like, why are you so obsessed with me?

Reports say he wanted to “humiliate, torment and intimidate the women.” Fucking sick.

From Politico:

According to Kasik’s affidavit (posted here by WSB-TV), information was part of a spreadsheet recovered on Ford’s State Department computer that included columns for “work,” “cons,” icloud,” “pics,” “facebook,” “picasa,” “instagram” and “twitter.”

Once Ford stole the nude pictures off the girls’ computers, he would email them their own photos under the username “Lookwhatihave666,” and use it as blackmail to get the victim to send him more explicit photos and video for his own sick enjoyment. His threat of blackmail wasn’t a bluff, either. He’s also accused of sending the blackmail photos to one victim’s own parents and brother. I think I would rather curl up in a ball and die than have my brother see my nudes.

Ford’s scam came to a close when two women, one in Kentucky, 18, and one in Illinois, 22, reported being targeted and hacked to the FBI and they uncovered Ford’s nasty secret. Obviously he was fired from his job, and is currently under house arrest and forbidden from using computers or the Internet. Sucks to suck.

[via Politico]

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