Starbucks Weddings Are The New Craze And I Can’t Decide If I Love It Or Hate It

At the risk of sounding like the most stereotypical white girl on the planet, Starbucks is honestly my happy place. You step away from the crazy hustle and bustle of life into a serene, earth-toned wonderland that smells like a hazelnut coffee Yankee candle. Smooth jazz fills the background, and somehow, that calms your nerves better than your anxiety pill. You order a venti skinny no-foam caramel latte, and it comes out in a festive red cup at a temperature that’s just hot enough to warm your hands through your gloves without burning your tongue on the first sip. For only five dollars, you can dip into this wonderful place and return back to life a little less stressed out. This is my happy place, but for lots of couples, “happy place” has an entirely new meaning. Now, Starbucks is the place where couples can tie the knot.

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Hashtagging their event on social media with #StarbucksWedding, couples all over America have been dedicating their lives to each other over pumpkin spice lattes (and let’s be honest, this doesn’t really sound that bad). Newlyweds DeAnna Dodson and Jordan Senz vowed to “love each other a latte,” and Senz went the extra mile to promise to “macchiato an honest woman out of you.” Whether casual or dressed to the nines, solo or with a bridal party, or with traditional vows or coffee-based puns, Starbucks weddings are happening all over the place with every kind of bride, meaning there is an actual long list of Starbucks lovers. I’m a little torn on this. I love it a little, but I hate it a lot.

Cake pops for everyone! #starbucks #tobeapartner #starbuckswedding

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As someone who’s campaigning harder and harder for a ring every day, let me tell you something that’s going on in every guy’s mind when he thinks about tying the knot: weddings are fucking expensive. If you can manage to spend less than $15K — not including a ring or a honeymoon — most people consider that a job well done. Why not invite your closest friends and family to your happy place, tie the knot while Michael Bublé serenades you in the background, and cut a cake pop after? This seems to be the perfect compromise between eloping and having a big wedding, and you’ll definitely have a story to tell. On the other hand, you got married at Starbucks. Have fun explaining that one to your kids when they ask to see the wedding album one day.

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