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Starbucks Unveils Most Expensive Coffee Ever

Coffee fanatics and Starbucks addicts rejoice: you have a new, “limited time only” beverage to try at every sorority girl’s favorite morning/afternoon/nighttime coffee shop.

Starbucks has introduced its Costa Rica Finca Palmilera blend, which is going for $7 per grande cup, making it Starbucks’ most expensive drink on the menu, to date. Of course, Starbucks is no stranger to possibly overpriced coffee beverages. I know somewhere in this world there are GDIs who claim $5 is too much to spend on a latte, so I’d imagine the release of this limited edition blend has some people outraged.

While I tend to be a loyal triple venti soy vanilla latte girl, every fall I indulge in a pumpkin spice…or two. And yes, every holiday season, I allow myself a caramel brulee latte, because they’re delish, and ’tis the season…right?

Now I’m tempted to try this “reserve” cup of liquid caffeine. What exactly does “reserve” mean, as it applies to coffee beans? Apparently, the beans used to brew this coffee come from a rare coffee variety called “Geisha” beans, which are known not for their Japanese prostitution but rather for their light and fruity variety. Tell me more! The bean boasts exotic flavors such as, “tropical hints of white peach, pineapple, and sparklingness” (didn’t know that was a word, but I love sparkles, so…). This cavalcade of quasi-fictional flavors is according to coffee expert Leslie Wolford.

Okay, I’m a little enticed. First of all, I think it might be the mature, adult move for me to make the switch to normal coffee instead of the lattes and cappuccinos I normally gravitate toward, and second, when anything is extra expensive or only offered for a limited time, I immediately want it. Unfortunately, the new blend is only being offered at 48 Starbucks locations in Oregon and Washington, making it exclusively available to the hipster segment of the population. Tres depressing.

Either way, I’m pretty excited that Starbucks plans on keeping a rotating release of limited edition blends. Now I have even more options when I need to wake up in the morning, and even more ways to shamelessly spend double the price on one coffee compared to the GDIs buying their morning beverage at the gas station across the street. Peasants.



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