Starbucks Just Released The Most Chocolatey Frappuccino Ever


I have the sugar tolerance and cravings of a five-year-old child. Yesterday morning I literally had Twix bites for breakfast, and every single time I go to any grocery store, I always end up with four packs of some kind of candy. Sugar is my friend. I discovered caramel Frappuccinos when I was in high school and proceeded to overload my body with them daily, and I still have a tendency to get them when I’m hungover and need my sugar and caffeine fix combined. I’ve been waiting to grow out of my addiction to sugar, but it just hasn’t really hit me yet. I pretty much expect to be inhaling it like oxygen until I die. That being said, even being the rabid sugar-lover that I am, there are still some treats that just take it too far. I’m looking at you, Starbucks.

This morning, Starbucks announced yet another new Frappuccino flavor: Double Double Fudge Bar. It’s reportedly made with twice the amount of mocha syrup as a regular mocha, which is what makes it so fudgy and chocolatey, and then it’s also swirled with vanilla syrup and topped with, you guessed it, chocolate whipped cream.

I’m a huge advocate for making your morning pick-me-up into a legitimate dessert, but this is just a little much. It sounds like there’s enough syrup in this thing to literally put you into a sugar coma or maybe even drown you in sweetness. I think that my regular ole mochas are pretty chocolatey already so I have no idea how much this drink is going to bombard me with flavor. I wish I could say I was above trying out every single new drink Starbucks throws out there, but I’m not, even though they might very well be trying to poison me with chocolate with this new addition. Oh well. I’ll be heading straight to Starbs later today to get my fix with this brand new potential addiction. There are worse ways to die than death by chocolate, right?

[via Cosmopolitan]

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