Starbucks Has Created More Expensive Stores So You Can Finally Be More Basic Than Ever


If there’s one small thing I love that gives me a feeling of superiority, it’s walking around with a Starbucks coffee in my hand that I know costs more than an hour of work for minimum-wage employees. So I love paying over $6 for a Venti triple skinny extra-hot no-foam caramel vanilla latte. Big deal. However, part of the reason I pick this over a standard hot coffee is that Pike Place is only a slight improvement over the sludge that comes out of my Keurig. Thankfully, Starbucks has figured out a way to up their brewed coffee game, so you can finally still be the queen of the basics without having to give a twelve-word order at your local coffee shop.

Starbucks is opening 500 special, elite Reserve stores all across the country where you literally can’t leave without spending a minimum of $4 on a cup of plain, black coffee. These aren’t your regular pre-packaged Starbucks blends that you can also pick up at your neighborhood Publix – these are unique, small-batch blends with intense flavor profiles from a variety of locations around the Equator. The locations aren’t your usual commercial Starbucks either – they’ve been redesigned to be chic AF with a more attractive design and bomb local art.

Personally, I’ve never been more pumped to spend the cost of a Frappucino on black coffee, but that’s just me. Whether we’ll have our favorite white girl beverage options (PSLs, anyone?) is still TBD, but you can bet I’d be on board to pay $12 for an improved version of my go-to seasonal picks. Move over, standard Starbucks – you’ve just officially been replaced.

[via Businessinsider]

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