Starbucks For Life Is Back, As If I Needed An Excuse To Keep Going Back

Starbucks For Life Is Back, As If I Needed An Excuse To Keep Going Back

If there’s one thing Starbucks is great at, it’s trapping me into spending each and every cent of my hard earned money on its ridiculously-priced coffee. From the moment the first leaf fell, I’ve been hitting up my local drive-thru for numerous PSLs, followed by green cups, then red cups, then skinny peppermint mochas, then an attempt to go through all 13 of Starbucks’ holiday red cups until I got the one I wanted to Instagram (and yes, I’m still waiting to receive the tacky Christmas sweater cup). Their limited edition schemes continue to lure me back, but after my first couple of gingerbread lattes, I swore I’d cut back on my daily Starbs habit. I was wrong.

Starting now, Starbucks has just re-released its Starbucks for Life program, which of course entirely makes you justify your obscene amount of coffee purchases. From now until January 16th, your purchases at Starbucks will make you eligible to play the Starbucks for Life game, which is essentially the 21st century version of peeling McDonald’s Monopoly pieces off of your super-sized fries. For each purchase, you’ll receive an electronic game piece, and if you’re able to collect the correct set of three, you win, and you win big. In addition to the chance to win Starbucks for life, you can also win free Starbucks for a year, a month, or a week. If you still can’t collect three of those pieces, don’t worry, because your game pieces still have the chance to result in free bonus stars, which of course get you closer to the next free drink of your choice.

So now you totally have an excuse to keep hitting up Starbucks every day for the next month – it’s practically an investment in your future, so it would be irresponsible of you not to go to Starbucks as much as possible to get those free drinks for the next 30 years. Starbucks, you win – from now until the middle of January, you officially have my loyalty, and, more importantly, my credit card limit.

[via Fortune]

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