Starbucks Barista Writes Cute Note On Girl’s Cup, The Internet Responds With Outrage


It’s a fantasy we all have. Amy Schumer even did a sketch about it. You see the same hot barista day after day, and he knows how to make your drink just right. It’s like he was put on this earth to make your grande half-caf nonfat toasted graham latte with three pumps toasted graham syrup one pump of sugar free mocha and no whip.

Casual conversation turns to flirty banter, your hands touch as you reach for your drink and linger a little longer than expected, and then it happens. He writes his number on your red cup. You go out. He confesses his true dream of becoming the next John Mayer. He writes you a song. You fall in love. You have 2.5 kids. He gets hotter with age, like George Clooney.

That fantasy happened to a nineteen year old Laura Roberts when a barista at her local Starbucks left her a sweet little note on her coffee cup. The guy scribbled out part of the bottom of the Starbucks cup, until only “Careful you’re extremely hot” was showing. Clever, very clever.

Roberts shared the note with her mother, who posted about her daughter’s secret admirer on Facebook with the caption, “Creepy barista writing inappropriate messages on my daughter’s coffee cup. Looks like son-in-law material.”

And then came the outrage. How dare a guy give a compliment to a grown woman?! People in the comments were calling the poor guy a “creep,” and saying Roberts should sue for harassment.

Other comments included this gem: “If someone said (or wrote) to me careful, you’re extremely hot, especially in front of my dad, then I’d definitely find their motives questionable, rather than assuming it was just a compliment.”

What could possibly be the questionable motive behind saying a girl is attractive? Tell me. I’m dying to know.

And then there was this comment, which made me want to jump off the nearest bridge: “I’d spill it, burn myself, then sue them for not displaying the health and safety warnings.”

This is why we can’t have nice things. In Roberts’ defense, she thinks the note wasn’t creepy at all. “It’s my local Starbucks and he’s lovely,” she told MailOnline. “He always does it.”

I’ve been waiting my whole life for a Starbucks barista to write a cute note on my cup, and it happens to this girl all the time? Ugh. The jealousy is real.

[via Daily Mail]

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