Spring Is The Best Time To Be On Campus

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Break out that tank top and kick the snow boots to the back of the closet. It’s springtime. After a winter that seemed hellbent on raping us into frozen submission, it’s about time we caught a meteorological break. The temperature finally made it above 60, flip flops are beginning to make a seasonal comeback, and patios are packed. But aside from the timely disappearance of leggings and the blessed reappearance of sangria on local menus, how do you really know it’s spring?

Maybe the increased number of keg parties occurring in front yards as opposed to behind partially-closed fences is a good indicator that spring has arrived. Why the front yard? I think it has something to do with the laissez-faire, “I couldn’t give any less fucks how white trash a front yard keg party looks, because it’s springtime motherfucker” attitude that comes with the first taste of warm weather. Maybe it’s as simple as the block party vibe that a front yard kegger sends off.

Perhaps your collegiate neighborhood, like the one I formerly lived in, takes a bolder approach to welcoming day drinking season. Front yard? Lame. Take that keg on the roof, bitches. If six guys sitting in lawn chairs on their roof with a keg doesn’t scream “I officially declare it’s drinking season,” I honestly don’t know what does.

Since springtime is the season of new beginnings, let’s talk about the fresh batch of newly minted “21-year-old” freshman and sophomores appearing at the local watering holes. I mean, how can you properly break in a shiny, new fake I.D. when it’s raining and 34 degrees? You can’t, which is why on the first blissfully warm weekend of the season, your favorite bar will look like a dive-bar themed freshman mixer. But that’s okay, because one of the first things to go when it warms up are morals.

Fall might seem like a shoo-in for day drinking since it lays claim to tailgating, but it’s spring that is the unlikely champion of the 8:00 a.m. cocktail. Not a cocktail person? Lucky you, because spring is when people like to throw down for good beer–none of that Keystone Light crap that looks like a watered down dip cup. People splurge on actual beer that makes playing flip cup enjoyable.

I hardly think I need to discuss the wardrobe change that occurs when it warms up, so I won’t. Instead, if you find yourself wondering if it really is spring, as opposed to one of Mother Nature’s psych-outs, take a look around whatever humid, dimly lit lecture hall you’re sitting in. An empty lecture hall is the surest sign that spring has arrived.

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