Spray-On Condoms Are Now A Thing


It’s the reason most of us practice the ol’ “pull and pray.” Why you can spot us the morning after, standing in line at the local pharmacy with sunglasses on asking for the generic version of Plan B. The reason why we all frantically wait for our periods because we know we messed up at least once this past month.

It’s not because we’re risky, or dangerous, or literally can’t wait and we have to have the D now. It’s because condoms. fucking. suck. They suck. They make sex feel worse for everyone. They’re ugly. The guy always insists that he really needs a Magnum even though he really doesn’t. It’s like fucking a balloon and no part of the packaging, application, or removal of it is sexy.

Condoms alone are boner shrinkers. So it’s no real shock as to why a lot of us don’t use them and end up marrying that random guy with had bathroom sex with that one time. But finally, someone decided to change everything we thought we knew about condoms. And for the first time in forever, sex with condoms is going to be, well, sexy.

Condoms are now being made in spray form. A company called “Girlplay” has created a “bandage-like condom” which will make the whole concept of having protected sex appealing. A student by the name of Michele Chu created the product to “change the whole experience of love-making.”

From Packaging of the World:

Girlplay is the outcome of creating a brand from mission, vision, branding and packaging. Girlplay is a condom company mainly aimed at bold and daring women, changing the whole experience of love-making. It produces a line of spray-on condoms that uses the latest technology to fit each and every size, for both male and female. These spray-on condoms are made for the perfect fit, and function like spray-on bandages in the marketplace today. They also come in a set called the Lover’s kit, which includes multiple parts like bras and remote controls to enhance our customers’ experience. We create revolutionary spray-on condoms that are perfect for today’s fast-paced environment.

Girlplay helps fit both work and play into your schedule, in style.

In addition to this condom-mist, the company will also offer a condom kit called “the lover’s kit.” In it there will be the condom spray, some old fashioned condoms, and a smartbra. There’s a remote in the kit that controls and unhooks the bra as well as changes settings, modes, and flavors of the condom.

GirlplayImages via Packaging of the World / Girlplay
So, basically Girlplay is going to take away all of the shitty things about sex (the latex bag over the penis, him being unable to get your bra off, him being unable to get you off) and make it orgasmic again. Who knows? Maybe we’ll start using condoms instead of just lying about it when our parents awkwardly ask! The future, and safe sex, is now.

[via Packaging of the World, Bustle]

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