Spain Is Attempting To Ban People From Walking While Drunk

Spain Is Attempting To Ban People From Walking While Drunk

It’s a familiar sight on college campuses on most nights: A gaggle of girls, arms linked for balance, teetering home in heels they were able to walk just fine in only a few hours earlier before boxes of wine were consumed. A group of dudes, a few of whom have apparently lost their shirts at some point in the evening, meandering down the sidewalk while hooting and hollering things that only they understand after a night of keg stands. That’s right, my friends, I am talking about the drunk walk: the cheaper alternative to a cab when you go out, get wasted, and forgot to make plans for someone to take your drunk ass home. It’s a staple here in the U.S., particularly at our institutions of higher learning, but it won’t be happening too much longer in Spain.

In an effort to crack down on what they refer to as “dangerous walking,” Spain’s directorate general of traffic has introduced a plan to classify walkers as “users of the road,” meaning that pedestrians would be held to the same rules as drivers — including being subjected to breathalyzer tests if you’re suspected of walking while wasted.

While all of the details haven’t been worked out yet — for instance, it hasn’t been determined that blood alcohol content would make it illegal for you to operate a motor vehicle your legs on the streets or what the consequences would be for strolling while smashed — The Guardian states what “the plan does suggest is that when pedestrians are charged with an already existing legal infraction — such as jaywalking — or involved in a car accident, then they could be given a drug or alcohol test.”

Whatever happens with this in Spain, we all better hope this law stays across the ocean. Otherwise, Uber needs to start hiring a lot more drivers, stat.

[via The Guardian]

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