Sorority Shuts Down Kentucky Derby Party, Because It’s Racist, Somehow

Sorority Shuts Down Kentucky Derby Party, Because It's Racist

Every year, Kappa Delta Epsilon sorority at Dartmouth College throws a Kentucky Derby themed party over Derby weekend. KDE was scheduled to host the invite-only party again this year, but the event was canceled at the last minute, because…well, because people said it was offensive.

Before I jump in and explain, I’ll give you a chance to guess how this event — a real event out there in the world — is offensive when Greeks do it. I’ll wait.

Come up with anything? I didn’t think so. Well, after a student protest last year, it was said that “the exclusive party was racist and economically elitist.” The 2015 protestors started a petition when they got wind of the party this year, and the sorority was asked to change the theme of the event. It’s now a Woodstock theme.

The sorority reacted with grace. From The Daily Caller:

“We realized that if anyone on campus felt uncomfortable or upset with the theme, then we obviously shouldn’t have it,” said KDE social chair Jehanna Axelrod.

KDE vice president Nikol Oydanich said house members were convinced by critics that the party was racially offensive because it evoked the aesthetics of the plantation-era South.

“[It is] related to pre-war Southern culture,” she said. “Derby was a party that had the power to upset a lot of our classmates.”

I get it, KDE, but also…this world is ridiculous. If someone says they’re offended, we just have to accept it not matter HOW ridiculous it is. We can’t just ignore parts of history because some bad shit happened during them. Bad shit happened in, like, every decade. You can find something offensive in anything if you try hard enough, but until the real Kentucky Derby is shut down, I see no reason the sorority should have to do so.

[via The Daily Caller]

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