Sorority Girls Cause Massive Delay At Houston Airport Because TSA Thought They Were Carrying Explosives


Delays are the worst. A delay once caused me to miss my flight and spend a night in a seedy Best Western next to the Atlanta airport, where I slept fully clothed on top of the covers because I found a very short, very dark hair in the sheets that definitely did not come from somebody’s head. Usually all the hate for delays and missed flights is directed at the airline, but today in Houston, an entire sorority was to blame.

Delta Sigma Theta Sorority is the reason why many travelers leaving from Hobby airport in Houston missed their flights today. Delta Sigma Theta held their convention in Houston this year and gathered 13,000 sisters from all over the country to fly in for the festivities. Once the convention was over, the sorority gave all its members thick booklets (for whatever reason). When they checked their bags to get on their returning flight home, TSA thought the booklets “could be mistaken for explosives” so TSA officers had to hand check most of the baggage. Classic mixup.

Once TSA proved that a hoard of sorority women weren’t a threat to national security, they were sent on their merry way, crisis averted. But by that time, people were already pissed off at Delta Sigma Theta and there was a line out the door and countless passengers had either missed their flights entirely or had to sit through another delay.

It’s not like we needed another reason for people to hate sororities, but thanks, TSA!

[via KHOU]

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