Sorority Girls At Georgia Southern University Died In A Tragic Accident Yesterday Morning


The Georgia Southern University experienced a devastating loss yesterday as five students were killed in a tragic car accident.

Abbie Deloach (Kappa Delta), Emily Clark (Alpha Delta Pi), Caitlyn Baggett, Catherine McKay Pittman (Alpha Delta Chi), and Morgan Bass (Alpha Omicron Pi) were all nursing students at GSU. They woke up early yesterday morning to attend their last clinical of their junior year semester. According to Daily Mail, 20 miles from Savannah, at around 6 a.m. tragedy struck.

A tractor-trailer came along and struck one of the passenger vehicles in the rear… ‘There was no fog or smoke. It was clear as a bell,’ said Sgt. Chris Rodewolt of the State Patrol. ‘We did have heavy, heavy traffic.’ Two mangled passenger vehicles rested Wednesday at the bottom of an embankment beside the interstate. In front of them, just off the highway, was a tractor-trailer with its cab smashed into the back of a tanker truck.

According to reports, weather was not an issue, and the crash is still being investigated. The Georgia Southern University, as well as communities across the nation, are shaken up by this excruciating loss. Brooks Keel, president of Georgia Southern spoke out saying that “The loss of any student, especially in a tragic way, is particularly painful… Losing five students is almost incomprehensible. Our hearts go out to the families, friends and classmates of these students.”

The community, both near and far, is coming together to mourn the loss of their sisters, friends, and loved ones and comfort each other in this devastating time.

In addition to the five fallen Eagles, two other nursing students, Brittney McDaniel and Megan Richards, were injured in the crash as well.

Words can not express how deeply sorry we are for the loss of five beautiful and irreplaceable women. It is now, more than ever, that we must put aside our petty differences and live a beautiful, nobel, and fulfilling life. A life we’re proud of. A life these five women had for twenty years. Let their passion, determination, and love guide us, and their spirit forever live in our hearts. Our deepest condolences go out to the sisters, families, and loved ones of these fallen Eagles, and to the entire Georgia Southern community. Hug your loved ones a little tighter today. #GSUStrong

[via Daily Mail, WSBTV]

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